Texas Firefighter certification reciprocity from MI FF 1/2 certifications

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Texas Firefighter certification reciprocity from MI FF 1/2 certifications

Post  Sean Wilson on Sun Sep 19, 2010 8:16 am


I was exploring a job in TX recently and wanted to pass along this info. MI Firefighter 1/2 certifications are accepted by the state of TX, however the written and practical exams must still be challenged (better than repeating the whole academy though). If you are interested in exploring jobs there and want to get yourself certified, you'll have to send an abstract of your Scraft Fire Academy hours to the TX Commission of Fire Protection-- this is just a breakdown of the hours we spend on each topic at Scraft. You can get one from Mary Jane Richards at the Fire Protection Office (734-462-4745). You have to pay $35 for TX Commission of FP to review your application for reciprocity. They'll review the abstract and send you a letter advising you that you meet the reciprocity for training, but must challenge the tests. I don't know what the tests cover, probably similar to what we cover here in MI, but they can probably fill you in on that.

I imagine the process is similar to many other states too. I just wanted to share this info that I've come across from direct personal experience, which is way better than hearing it third or fourth hand.
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