Scraft Forcible Entry Hands-on Class / May 2011

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Scraft Forcible Entry Hands-on Class / May 2011 Empty Scraft Forcible Entry Hands-on Class / May 2011

Post  Sean Wilson on Fri Mar 18, 2011 10:33 pm

Hello you-all,

I'm putting on a one-day Forcible Entry Class at Schoolcraft in May. It'll be from 9 am to 5 pm on May 17th at our new training center at 31777 Industrial Rd. in Livonia (Merriman and I-96 area). The morning will be spent in the classroom learning about doors and locks, the afternoon will be spent getting our hands dirty by picking up tools and learning how to more efficiently BREAK THINGS ....things like doors and locks. It will be great fun and a good time will be had by all, and you might even learn a thing or two.

You DON'T have to be on a fire department to take this class. It's open to anyone who's certified by the state in Firefighter 1 or Firefighter 1&2. If you're looking for a job and trying to flesh out your resume, a class like this one is a cheap and easy way to do that. You'll get a certificate of training that you'll be able to list on your resume, bragging rights, and something to set you apart when being looked at by a chief who's trying to decide between two qualified applicants. I may be giving my own class the hard-sell, but that's true of any of Schoolcraft's one-day or two-day classes (rope rescue, elevator rescue, emergency driving, etc.). They're a good way to separate yourself from the herd and let a chief know that he's looking at a guy that's motivated and interested in the profession.

Cost for the class is $100.

If you are on a fire department, I recommend you bring your turnout gear. If you don't have turnout gear, bring leather work gloves or fire gloves, and we'll have coats and helmets on hand that you can wear. You won't be the only one, I've got a few pre-service guys signed up already.

If you send me your mailing address, I'd be happy to mail you a hard-copy of the flyer, with the registration form. Or you can call Mary Jane in the fire tech office to sign up 734-462-4745. Feel free to email me if you've got any questions. ( or )

Thanks. Have a good one.

--Sean Wilson
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